BIO.  London-born and Oxford-educated, Charlotte Safavi is an established shelter magazine writer, stylist and producer. Her extensive body of work has appeared in a wide variety of national, regional and local publications.

Charlotte also offers her magazine-honed skills and trained eye to interior designers, architects, builders, and other business owners for their portfolios. The menu of her services can be customized for each client, but the most comprehensive service she offers is a ‘Produce, Style, Shoot’ package, whereby she collaborates with (and often sources) top interiors photographers in order to produce and style magazine-ready imagery. She approaches each photo-shoot with the same level of exactitude and rigor, as when she is performing editorial work for national magazines.

Her philosophy is that in ever-changing times, memorable images matter more than ever, so she helps her clients attain the highest quality professionally produced-and-styled portfolio imagery, always with publishing in mind, as well as with intentional website branding and social media applications.

“Photography is expensive. My aim is to make every shot count and go a long way,” she says.

Charlotte lives in the metropolitan DC-area with her husband and son, covering Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland, but also frequently travels for work.